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Creative Hearts

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo da Vinci

We are so excited to offer a Creative Hearts program that will be ALL-INCLUSIVE. This is an ongoing program that is still in the works but coming along amazingly.  We are developing our Dirty Pour Studio to have as much flexibility as possible with our pourers. We are taking into consideration sensory issues by creating a space with overhead lights can be dimmed, calming music, and an air purifier for those sensitive to smell.  We want everyone to be able to pour with us. We are not licensed art-therapists, and will never claim to be able to heal someone or provide treatment, but to enjoy art and time with family and friends no license is required. Creative expression can foster healing and well-being. With our Dirty Pour technique you do not need full dexterity to be able to create beautiful art.  Sometimes, what people may think of as a disability becomes a special ability with Dirty Pour.

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